What is letterbird?

Here, we will not ask you any questions you hear every day. You will create an identity with your feelings and your words, not with your name, age and city. You are alone with the paper and the pencil. You are in a place where you can share your memories, excitement, sadness, joy or whatever you want, and where you can receive exciting feedbacks . You can make many pen friends meet with new people. Here you will have a much different and deeper format of knowing people and understanding them than daily life. When you write random letters, you will love the smile of sharing the feelings of a stranger and being part of other feelings as a stranger. No information about you will be shared unless you mention it in your letter.

Your letters must be at least 528 characters. This rule will motivate you to open your heart and to write more. Your letters you write will be delivered to the receiver within 3 hours, not immediately. You will also taste the feeling of waiting and being waited. You can send up to 3 letters a day. You will see that your precious sentences will be better when you wrote them in longer time not a single day.

All of these are some details that are designed to get close and to fulfill the longing of the real correspondence we missed. To send a letter to the members of whom you know their ID, you can just write this ID in the section in the Write menu. You can use the match menu to send a letter to your new pen friends you never knew. According to the age group you choose and the languages you speak, we will match you with a pen friend. Also, your friends can send you a letter without being a member of Letterbird. To do this, just share the link we created for you in the settings menu at any social network. To avoid confusing your pen friend’s ID you can add nicknames for your pen friends by clicking the icon on the Letter page.

You are the only one who will see these nicknames, have fun! If you receive a letter, you think it violates the rules of Letterbird and he/she bothers you, you can report it to our team and you can block his/her ID. You can save a letter in drafts to send it later, you can keep writing whenever you want, we do not want anything to be done in a hurry. You can share your opinions and suggestions with us by sending an email to [email protected] Letterbird will always be here to share not only opinions and suggestions but also all any kinds of thoughts and excitements.
By following our social media accounts, you can be informed about our updates and activities. We are here to achieve great things, you can share every great idea with us. To see random letters in your letter box, you have to log into your account at least once in 3 days!
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